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Dosh Board Golf Board Game Kapalko Games


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The Original Doshboardgolf is a golf strategy board game. A mathematical model coupled with a professional course design creates an experience that rivals the real thing. The winning player will be the one whom manages risk v.s. reward and the conditions in the most favorable way. This is a game that mimics the play of real life disc golf

Doshboardgolf uses a hex-based board to simulate a 9 hole golf course. Players have the choice of 12 directions to shoot from each hex and can even plan for fade and slice!
This course has everything a real course would; straight fairways; water and trees as hazards; elevation changes and even simulated wind conditions.

The game is different every time – there are 60 different wind settings and 32 different clubs. Four 12-sided dice establish the strategic variability expected with ace runs, doinked putts, roll-aways, out-of-bounds, elevation change, lost clubs, and difficult lies. You will feel the joy of an excellent shot and the defeat of a poor decision. Doshboardgolf is all the strategy of golf on your table.

In Doshboardgolf, each player selects a set of 8 club cards that have differing distance and hook numbers. Players will have all the clubs they need, from the maximum distance driver and mid-range approach club down to the putter which will be used when holing out.
The distance will be determined by rolling a blue die, and the hook determined by the red die only after consulting the players chosen club card.

Using advanced rules, a black die is introduced to simulate roll-aways when you land next to a downhill hex. Also making the game more realistic is elevation changes and penalties when having to shoot out of a hex containing trees.

During a turn, each player in order will:
1. Plan a shot direction using one orange pawn as a directional marker on the board. Players have the ability to execute planned fade and slice to overcome obstructions on the board such as trees, water hazards and elevation changes
2. Select a club card from your 8 available options and place it face up for all players to see
3. Execute the shot by rolling the blue and red dice. After consulting the chosen club card, the blue die determines the distanced travelled, and the red die determines the hook which will happen after the distance is calculated
4. Place your player token in the new lie or if you have successfully holed out, mark your score on the included scorecard
Play continues in this way with the player furthest from the hole always going next.
As in real golf, the player with the lowest score at the end of the 9 hole round is the winner!