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Disc connection was a business that grew out of love for the sport and a passion to see it grow in Australia. Although love and passion was one of the key ingredients to the business the idea was conceived out of frustration by the lack of discs in Australia and the affordability. The name disc connection itself is the mission statement of the business, “to connect people with discs”. What we hope to achieve at disc connection is to provide the highest amount of disc golf stock and the lowest price for products sales country wide. This means almost all profits go directly back into buying new discs for the first two years of the business. Each disc you buy, I stock two more shortly after.

Disc connection has a wealth of 10 years’ experience in the sport here in Australia. We can assist new players to the game. Get the products they need to start their own journey for the love of the game, and also help seasoned players elevate their game to the next level.

We do things a little differently here at Disc Connection. We take a picture and weigh every disc prior to cataloguing on our website so that you get the exact disc that you see online.