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JAB3D Glow Roller - Pink


tax included


The maximum size of the disc is limited by the top opening. The maximum disc size is 220x20mm which should accommodate most of the discs that are produced specifically for disc golf.

The limit switch is rated at 100,000 operations. Replacements if ever required can be sourced through Jay Car.


The Glow Roller is powered by 8 AA batteries that are usually not included. The tests that have been done indicate that the Glow Roller will operate continuously for approximately 2.5 hours using budget batteries. Since the Glow Roller only turns on when a disc is inserted into it the batteries should last for several rounds of night golf.


The operation is very simple. Just place the disc into the box and push it down slightly to turn on the LEDs. Then gently roll it for a few revolutions and the disc will be fully charged. It works best to roll the disc in the direction of the limit switch (battery side). This helps to keep the switch in the on position. Larger discs may rub on the sides walls of the roller but still spin on the rollers. The rollers don’t always spin but the discs slide on the rollers resulting in the same effect.

Maintenance and care.

There is very little maintenance required but it would be a good idea to blow out any dust or debris that may collect inside the box. The bottom panel is open which is designed to prevent too much collecting inside the bottom of the box.

There are several components of the Glow Roller that are not water-resistant, so it is best to avoid any moisture getting into the Glow Roller.  

Thanks again for the support. I hope you enjoy the Glow Roller.



Batteries sold separately. Discs and bag in the pictures are not included in the sale of the product.