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Hero Disc Golf Starter Pack Set (Seconds)


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These starter packs are labeled as "Seconds" because the top disc on each pack was mildly scratched in delivery. Otherwise, they are brand new.

 The Hero Disc Golf Starter Set offers three discs in their Power Plastic. 

Maximus, the distance driver, is a low speed and stable to understable driver. Making this an excellent beginner driver. Allowing the player to learn good form and achieve good distance.

Stinger, the midrange, is a stable midrange, providing a versatile midrange capable of holding many types of lines. 

Bullseye, the putter, is a stable putter, making it a great choice as a putter and as a throwing putter. Providing a consistent flight path that you can depend on while putting. 

Power Plastic is a good base plastic at an affordable price. This plastic is grippy and comfortable in the hand. Providing a good choice as your first set of discs.