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Disc Connection Disc Retrieval Extention Pole


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Introducing the Disc Golf Telescopic Extender Pole – your ultimate companion on the course! Say goodbye to lost discs in trees or water hazards. With its telescopic design, this handy tool folds up to a compact 41cm, easily storable in your disc golf bag, yet extends to an impressive 5 meters when you need that extra reach.

Equipped with three interchangeable hook heads, each designed for different retrieval scenarios, this pole ensures you're prepared for any situation. Whether it's snagging discs from high branches or fishing them out of waterways, this tool has got you covered.

Never let a lost disc ruin your game again – invest in the Disc Golf Telescopic Extender Pole and keep your disc collection intact!

Compact: 41cm's
Extended: 5m
Weight: 350g