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Devils Grip - Disc Golf Grip Enhancer


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DEVILS GRIP Disc Golf Grip Enhancer gives you confidence in a consistent grip to play to your full potential.

Devils grip has gone through a vigorous testing procedure in all weather conditions and seasons. The result is a product which we believe gives optimum grip and great feel for each throw.

Devils Grip gives you a pleasantly tacky and grippy (not sticky) feel on the disc.

How to use: With dry hands, remove puck of wax from the container. Gently rub puck between thumb and finger pads to create a fine film of wax on the contact points.

Re-apply for each throw or as required. The wax will disperse off the fingers naturally, there’s no need to wash or manually remove it from your hands.

The product container meets PDGA specifications to be used as a mini marker. This convenient double function will save valuable space in your bag. It fits neatly into your mini pouch or pocket.

Devils Grip is a PDGA tournament legal grip enhancer when used as directed. Do not apply directly to the disc.

30g net weight

Made in Tasmania from natural ingredients.

"Eat up the competition with Devils Grip"