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Black Zombie Chainsaw


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Black Zombie’s Chainsaw has the familiar feel of a Gateway Wizard in the hand, but is strangely more comfortable. The Chainsaw has the top of the Wizard mold but the bottom turns in slightly more and has no bead, somewhat similar to a Dynamic Discs Warden. This produces a very smooth flight with a large amount of glide.

Limited edition 2015 Deadliest Dubs stamped Chainsaws. 

The solid white is what we have referred to as Bone White. They are solid white and very firm.

Diameter 21cm
Height 2.2cm
Rim Depth 1.5cm
Rim Width 1cm
Max Weight 174.3g

The Black Zombie Chainsaw feels great in the hand. It’s friendly at close distances and incredibly reliable for low power approaches, but it can handle higher power when necessary. Players looking to add a touch of finesse to their approach game should consider the Chainsaw as a serious contender that won’t fly out of control. This easy to throw putter should also benefit beginners looking to expand their shot repertoire and improve their shot shaping.