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MVP Discs


What Does Disc Connection Love About MVP Discs?

Ever since James Conrad, sponsored by MVP Disc Sports, won the 2021 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships, everyone has been asking for MVP discs. They’re high-quality, reliable, and a crowd favourite, so you can bet your bottom dollar that Disc Connection is going to have plenty of MVP discs in stock. The Disc Connection team has put our heads together and brainstormed a few things we love about MVP.


Our Favourite Things About MVP Discs

Here are just a few things the Disc Connection team loves about MVP Discs and their equipment.

  • Their discs are truly unique. Unlike other disc brands, MVP discs use two different types of plastic on each disc. This technology affects the aerodynamic capability, linear momentum, and angular momentum, creating a disc like no other.
  • They sponsor a huge range of golfers. It’s not abnormal for a disc golf brand to sponsor a few premier players, but MVP do things a little bit differently. They have teams that include premier players like James Conrad and Jennifer Sawyer, pro players, up-and-coming players, and amateur players. We love how supportive MVP Disc Sports are of their newer players.
  • Their discs stay in the basket. We hate it when our discs bounce out, and MVP has come up with a solution. Their discs feature a softer outside edge ideal for gripping the chains and dropping into the basket.
  • Their rating system is straightforward. With a 4-number flight rating system and clearly labelled disc weights, MVP makes it super simple to choose the right disc for you.


If You’re Looking For MVP Discs, Head To Disc Connection

At Disc Connection, we live and breathe disc golf. We’re passionate about this rapidly-growing sport, and as our name suggests, we love connecting people with discs. We aim to provide the widest range of high-quality disc golf equipment at the lowest prices in Australia. With over ten years of experience in the sport, the Disc Connection team can help new players get started, and seasoned players find the latest and greatest discs, bags, baskets, and accessories. If you’re looking for MVP discs, head to Disc Connection.