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Dynamic Discs


What Does Disc Connection Love About Dynamic Discs?

Anyone who’s played disc golf for a while has likely used Dynamic Discs or heard of them at the very least. At Disc Connection, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality disc golf equipment at the most affordable prices, so it’s no surprise that Dynamic Discs are amongst some of our most popular sellers. Here are a few things the Disc Connection team love about the Dynamic Discs brands.


Our Favourite Things About Dynamic Discs

We have a feeling you’re going to love Dynamic Discs for the same reasons we do, so we thought we’d list a few of our favourite things about the brand.

  • Their passion. Dynamic Discs started with a simple passion for disc golf, much the same as Disc Connection. They live and breathe the sport, and they funnel that commitment and drive into all of their discs and equipment.
  • Their variety in discs. No matter what type, speed, weight, colour, or style you’re after, Dynamic Discs will have something for you. Their range is unmatched in variety, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect disc.
  • They never stop. The team over at Dynamic Discs never seem to stop innovating and creating new lines and new equipment. Founder, Jeremy Rusco, is infamous for saying, ‘We’re always working on something’, which perfectly reflects the brand’s dedication to innovation.
  • They give back to the sport. Dynamic Discs are constantly working to help new players become better disc golfers through their social media presence, YouTube videos, and educational programs. They’ve also sponsored, co-sponsored, and organised several disc golf events and competitions over the years, spreading the love of disc golf all over the world.


If You’re Looking For Dynamic Discs, Head To Disc Connection

At Disc Connection, we live and breathe disc golf. We’re passionate about this rapidly-growing sport, and as our name suggests, we love connecting people with discs. We aim to provide the widest range of high-quality disc golf equipment at the lowest prices in Australia. With over ten years of experience in the sport, the Disc Connection team can help new players get started, and seasoned players find the latest and greatest discs, bags, baskets, and accessories. If you’re looking for Dynamic discs, head to Disc Connection.