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Disc Golf Baskets


What Makes A Great Disc Golf Basket?

When it comes to disc golf, people often think more about the discs than the baskets. However, there’d be no disc golf without the baskets to catch the discs! If you’re in the market for disc golf baskets, the Disc Connection team are here to help you find exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for a portable, affordable basket to take with you wherever you go, or you’d like a high-quality, heavy-duty basket to install in your backyard, we’ve got you covered.


Features To Look For In Disc Golf Baskets

If you’re in the market for frisbee golf baskets, make sure you look for one with all the following features.

  • Durability. Ideally, you want something that can be left outside exposed to the elements but won’t rust or wear too quickly. Find a basket with a high-quality build, so you know it’ll last a while.
  • Accuracy. The last thing you want is a basket that’s going to drop putts that should’ve stuck. Instead, invest in a basket that will accurately reflect your technique so you can improve.
  • Price. Not everyone can afford a course-quality basket, and you shouldn’t have to. At Disc Connection, we believe in providing premium-quality equipment at affordable prices, so we have plenty of disc golf baskets that don’t require you to break the bank.
  • Portability. Will you need to take your basket with you, or are you looking for something you can stick in the backyard and leave there?
  • Type. There are a few different types of disc golf baskets, so it’s important to understand the differences between them before investing. Most frisbee golf baskets fall into one of the following four categories;
  • Foldable. These baskets are portable, lightweight, and great for practising at home.
  • Narrow target. If you want to fine-tune your putting, this is the basket for you. They don’t catch discs as well, but they’re fantastic for improving accuracy.

  • Light-duty. Slimmed-down versions of heavy baskets, light-duty baskets have fewer chains, are lighter, and are less expensive. Unfortunately, they aren’t as easy to fold up and transport as foldable baskets and fewer chains mean you’ll have more spit outs and misses. However, if you’re on a budget, the light-duty baskets are ideal.
  • Heavy-duty. These baskets are pretty much professional baskets you’ll find at a disc course. They’re hard to transport and more expensive, but if you want an authentic tournament experience, they’re a good investment.


If You’re Looking To Buy Disc Golf Baskets, Choose Disc Connection

At Disc Connection, we live and breathe disc golf. We’re passionate about this rapidly-growing sport, and as our name suggests, we love connecting people with discs. We aim to provide the widest range of high-quality disc golf equipment at the lowest prices in Australia. With over ten years of experience in the sport, the Disc Connection team can help new players get started, and seasoned players find the latest and greatest discs, bags, baskets, and accessories. If you’re looking for disc golf baskets, head to Disc Connection.