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Disc Golf Adelaide


7 Reasons To Get Into Disc Golf Today

Disc golf in Adelaide is on the rise, with more and more people getting involved every day. Trust us when we say that after you play a game or two, you’ll be absolutely hooked. So if you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, ‘Why should I bother playing disc golf?’, the team at Disc Connection has a few great reasons to get out there and give it a go. These are our top seven reasons to get into disc golf.


It’s Inexpensive

One of our favourite things about disc golf in Adelaide is how inexpensive it is. Most disc golf courses are free to play, so the only thing you’ll absolutely need is the disc itself. While you can get started with just one versatile, mid-range disc, you’ll eventually need a minimum of three discs.

  • Driver. This is the disc you’ll use when you first tee off. Your first shot will likely be the longest of your game, so your driver needs to be great for distance and speed.
  • Mid-range. The most versatile disc in your bag, your mid-range will glide through the air and get you closer to the basket.
  • Putter. These discs are bulkier and slower, and they’re only really used for the final shots to get your disc into the basket and complete the hole.


There’s A Great Community

If you’re looking to make new friends and join a community of like-minded people, disc golf is definitely the right sport for you. If you’d like to play frisbee golf in Adelaide, South Australian Disc Golf promotes and develops local clubs, introduces new players to the game, installs courses throughout the state, and hosts competitions. Check out their website to find out everything you need to know about disc golf in Adelaide. If you’re reading from another state or territory, almost all of them have their own version of South Australian Disc Golf.


It’s Both Challenging And Fun

Whether you’re just looking for a relaxing game to play socially with your friends on the weekend or you’d like to compete professionally, disc golf is the ideal sport for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. You’ll love watching your game gradually improve as you visit new courses throughout your area.


It’s Relaxing

There’s something wonderfully serene about being outdoors with the sun on your back, listening to the birds in the trees, and lining up your next throw. Disc golf requires concentration, controlled breathing, and patience, all of which can be incredibly relaxing. Just try not to get too frustrated if your disc bounces out of the basket; it happens to the best of us.


It’s Quite The Workout

It mightn’t look like it to the outside world, but disc golf is quite strenuous. You’ll be exercising the muscles in your arms, back, and core with every throw, and you’ll be doing plenty of cardio as you make your way around the course. Before you tee off, make sure you do plenty of stretches, particularly in your arms and wrists, to make sure you don’t injure yourself while you’re playing.


It’s Easy To Learn

The rules of disc golf are straightforward to understand, and they’re very similar to the rules of regular golf. It won’t take you long to get the hang of, so you can focus your attention on improving your technique out on the course. Here’s a quick rundown of the rules.

  • Find the first hole. If you plan on keeping score, before you tee off, make sure you write down the par. The par indicates the maximum number of throws you should take for each hole. Ideally, you want to throw lower than the par, but if you have to throw more than the par, just add it to your score.
  • Throw your first disc. Step up to the tee and make sure your foot doesn’t pass the edge. Then, throw your disc and keep an eye on it to see where it lands.
  • Find your disc. Your next throw will be from where your first disc landed. Reevaluate where the basket is and throw accordingly.
  • Putt it in and finish the hole. Once you’re close enough to the basket, putt the disc in so it gets caught in the chains or rests in the basket. Once it’s landed, the hole is complete. Total your score for that hole, collect your disc and head to the next hole.


No Two Courses Are The Same

If you’re playing disc golf in Adelaide, you’ll love the diversity of the courses in the area. You’ll always feel challenged, and you’ll gradually see yourself improve as you practice the courses again and again. Here are a few of the best courses in South Australia.


  • Adelaide Park Lands. Adelaide’s first permanent course is just a 5-minute walk from the CBD.
    • Where: Adelaide
    • Price: Free
    • Teepad type: Grass
    • Number of tees: 9
    • Par: 28
  • Crater Lakes Disc Golf Park. This is one of Australia’s most popular, sought-after disc golfing destinations and the only course in the world located within a volcano.
    • Where: Mount Gambier
    • Price: Free
    • Teepad type: Concrete
    • Number of tees: 18
    • Par: 60
  • Woodhouse Activity Center Disc Golf Park. The first recreational area in Adelaide set aside exclusively for disc golf!
    • Where: Piccadilly
    • Price: Free
    • Number of tees: 9
    • Par: 27
  • Meldanda Disc Golf Course. This is a privately owned course designed by South Australia Disc Golf.
    • Where: Meldanda
    • Price: TBA
    • Number of tees: 9
    • Par: 27
  • Tintinara Disc Golf Park. If you’re looking to enjoy scenic views while you play, you’ll love the Tintinara Disc Golf Park.
    • Where: Tintinara
    • Price: Free
    • Number of tees: 18
    • Par: 55


If You’re Looking To Play Disc Golf In Adelaide, Head To Disc Connection For All Your Equipment

At Disc Connection, we live and breathe disc golf. We’re passionate about this rapidly-growing sport, and as our name suggests, we love connecting people with discs. We aim to provide the widest range of high-quality disc golf equipment at the lowest prices in Australia. With over ten years of experience in the sport, the Disc Connection team can help new players get started, and seasoned players find the latest and greatest discs, bags, baskets, and accessories. For everything disc golf in Adelaide, head to Disc Connection.